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Choosing A Web Camera: Tips And Tricks

Choosing a web camera: tips and tricks

Choosing a web camera - with one hand - unpretentious business, but if a good deal, it becomes clear that not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Therefore, even the choice of such a tiny accessory to a PC or laptop must be taken seriously.

The first thing you need to decide for what purpose you need a webcam and to what extent should be its price. As a rule, most people buy a webcam for communication (video) on Skype, to classmates, some also get a webcam to capture video podcasts (various video tutorials, video presentations) - and in these cases, the requirements to the webcam will very different.

On what kind of data you need to pay attention especially when buying a webcam ?

Video resolution webcam

A very important characteristic, and it depends on the quality of the picture, which will be sent to the other party or recorded in a video file.

To communicate well enough to be 640x480 pixels. For shooting video casts require higher resolution, which, of course, affect the price webcam .

One should not buy a webcam with high resolution, when it is we do not need (to take a reserve). After all, in low light web camera with high resolution will shoot the video for order of magnitude worse than analog with a resolution of 640x480 (the higher the resolution - the higher the sensitivity to light).

A microphone in the webcam

Nowadays, most of the new models of webcams are already built-in microphone, resulting in the need to purchase additional microphone disappears. But there are also models in stock, issued earlier, which do not have a microphone.

Therefore, when buying a webcam to pay attention to this point, so in the end it was not necessary to go back to the store - is behind the microphone.

It should be noted that for all shooting video casts will need to purchase a microphone, so it will be able to record high quality audio.

Frame rate

Pretty important point in choosing a web camera . As we know, the human eye is able to perceive a maximum of 24 frames per second. If the frame rate camcorder below that, then your companion will give the impression that this is not a video link, and communicates via a slide show.

Because when you buy a webcam sees to it that the frame rate it was about 30 frames per second.

For shooting video casts the figure should be higher, respectively.

Ergonomics and design of the web camera

Also, when choosing a web camera is worth considering the possibility of fixing it. Recommend to opt for generic version when the webcam is successfully attached to both the computer and the notebook (not all laptops have built-in webcam ), and it is desirable that a webcam could be on the table without additional supports .

Summing up, it is worth noting that the choice of the webcam - pretty specific and it must take into account a number of requirements that will choose a webcam that will satisfy our needs.