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Fun : The Virtual Typewriter

Remember the well-behaved old days?
AM telephone lines high-pitched the most recent top forty hits.
Televisions with dials on the get hard so you would comprise to walk up to alter the channel.
And who can not recall the typewriter?
Simply plunk in a bit of paper and start typing! It was magical.
That is, until you made a underestimate. Get the sallow Out!
The magical days of the typewriter comprise returned. Only at this time you don't really need paper. Nor carry out you require sallow Out to have hitting keys and watching the correspondence hammers escape!
Digital Future, Inc., leading software developers, comprise in a minute released The Virtual Typewriter!
This is a utter toy with the purpose of you can mistreat to type your own writing and subsequently fling them to associates. Compose your correspondence and subsequently email or job to Twitter or Facebook.
This is fun stuff and a utter pattern of come again? Digital Future can carry out with code.