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Instagram Launched A Video Service With Filters

Company Facebook, as promised, has implemented a new "big idea", which was the Instagram for video services like Vine, which writes the 15-second spots - 2.5 times larger than the limit set by Twitter.
The head of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and director Kevin Instagram Sistrom (Kevin Systrom) updated the functionality of Instagram during the press event in California on June 20.

"It's the same Instagram, which we all know and love, but he is moving " , - said Kevin Sistrom. A key feature of the social network Instagram, as we know, are the filters used in the photo to give them shade artistry. Presented by the 13 new filters used exclusively on video. Among them, notably the filter Cinema, which has been described as a representative of Instagram "an excellent stable video that puts the power of the cinema into the user's pocket" .

While recording video users are able to stop and then continue shooting, as is the video service from Vine Twitter. Further, users can choose from a selection of frames automatically created artwork that will be displayed in the thread. Videos are played only once and not repeated, as in the Vine. They appear in the flow, and the user profile. To start playback, press the roller.

Instagram Video Services available today for web and mobile applications iOS and Android.
A few days before the event Facebook message sent out about some upcoming announcement. Many reputable publications soon suggested that the video service will be launched with filters. On the eve of the event publication All Things D, citing its own sources, reported that nothing but a new video service Instagram, is not submitted.

13 million users that Twitter had launched earlier this year, Service Vine, could not disturb Facebook. The company had to answer so quickly became popular video service and a competitor in some way borrowed the idea. According to the Wall Street Journal, the development at Facebook took several months. It seems that this is not the last such announcement this year from leading Internet companies.
Instagram now has 130 million active users, so the new video service has the potential to quickly overtake by popularity Vine.

Microsoft Will Release Windows Blue Next Year

C release date of Windows 8 was only a month, and Microsoft has promised to release in mid-2013 a new generation of operating system. The new version of Windows will be called «Blue», and as reported in the company, to bring a different approach to release updates and new fallback interface.

Also promises a completely different pricing - Windows Blue will cost token money, and the owners of licensed Windows 8 will be able to get and do it for free. Microsoft wants to make sure that Windows Blue has a "system, which will set each."

In addition, Microsoft is planning to release a special package for the development and promote the development and deployment of the online store of new applications. Windows Blue will work with applications built for Windows 8, but may not be backward compatible.

To upgrade to Windows Blue, will only have a licensed copy of Windows. If the user refreshes the illegal copies, then it will not work, and built-in applications will not have access to the online store Windows Store.
The assurances of the sources close to the company, after the Windows Blue, the operating system will be updated annually in order to maintain its relevance in the face of increasing competition from Apple and Google.