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HTC One M9 - Release Date, Features and Price

HTC One M9 Release Date

HTC One M9 - Release Date, Features and Price

In the first quarter of 2014 was launched flagship smartphone One (M8) of HTC. The phone comes in a metal case, complemented by impressive features and good performance. But for the moment, the characteristics are obsolete as new smartphones with advanced rule configuration on the market. Thus, the company decided to release a successor to current performance to date in the form of HTC One (M9) .

HTC has yet to announce when they will officially represent One M9, but they tend to stick to a fairly rigid model, releasing their flagship phone for a few weeks after the mobile exhibition MWC.

The following year, MWC will be held between the 3rd and 5 March, so most likely obyavlyat or during the show, or shortly after, the release will likely take place in the same month.

According to rumors, HTC M9 launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015 at the MWC in Barcelona.

Characteristics of
As reported, the upcoming model HTC One (M9) will receive a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 2K pixels. And this combination leads to an impressive density of 564 pixels per inch. In contrast, the precursor One (M8) is supplied with a 5.0 inch screen and 1080 x 1920 pixels, c density of 441 pixels per inch.

Inside the HTC One (M9), is believed to be run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805 with good support 3 GB of RAM. Compared to its predecessor configuration One (M8), which is powered by a Snapdragon SoC 801 and comes with 2 GB of RAM.

The device is equipped with 64 GB of internal memory and support for MicroSD cards to expand up to 128 GB. Plus, as you might expect, One (M9) will work on the latest OS Android 5.0 Lollipop from Google, while One (M8) runs on v4.4.2 KitKat. However, the planned upgrade to Lollipop.

We've also heard rumors that he will have a 13-megapixel camera, unlike Ultrapixel placed on the M8.

Nothing is known for certain about the design of HTC One M9. However, in all probability, it will be similar to the HTC One M8 , perhaps just finalized.

There is a chance that the HTC radically change the design, the more so that the head of the company, which was responsible for the design, gone. Perhaps his successor will take things in a different direction. Although, if it happens, we are likely to see a change only in the HTC One M10.

While we do not know exactly how it will look on the new flagship of HTC.

Iphone 4S Review and Info (Video)

Iphone 4S Review and Info

The iPhone has been lone of the generally anticipated diplomacy each time on behalf of the long-ago not many years. The iPhone 4S, in picky, generated an exceptionally fat amount of bill – and considering its pronouncement here was an exceptionally fat amount of disappointment.

Was it worth the bill? Was the disappointment justified?

Read on to realize comatose.

Design and build quality
The iPhone 4S has the same outer surface design as the iPhone 4 (barring a few minor changes to the antenna). However, considering as I’ve by no means particular a re-examination of either, permit me to pass away into a few notify at this time.

The front and the back are both schooner. It’s a striking and beautiful design, but with a few caveats. The pioneer of these is with the intention of the back acquires fingerprints as readily as the front. Fingerprints are often a obstruction with glossy surfaces, but with schooner it gets messy, fast.

The second problem is with the intention of the front and the back are equally fragile. On generally smartphones, if you droplet it on the screen, it’s probably age to change with the intention of smartphone. However, if you droplet them on the back, you might move away with a microprocessor, crack, or (if you’re incredibly lucky) nothing.

With the iPhone 4 and 4S, you’re denied with the intention of partial rate of safety, and particular a much upper likelihood with the intention of if you droplet it, something is departure to destroy.

Glass is moreover not gripped as undoubtedly as say, a textured plastic or maybe even brushed metal.

There’s a metal crew around the periphery of the phone, which doubles as the projection. There allow been a little minor alterations to this to combat the infamous (and mostly exaggerated) “Death Grip” put out.

At the top are the 3.5mm jack and power button, while the substructure holds the charging and data assigning connector.

On the gone part is a switch so as to changes to and from “Silent mode”, as well as the volume buttons. The straight part has a microSIM tray, which is extracted with the help of a special tool bundled with the device.

The front, as usual, has the 3.5-inch screen, with the “Home” button by the side of the substructure, and the earpiece and camera by the side of the top.

It remains a unpretentious and beautiful design, but the wineglass construction does break it an air of fragility.