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Faster Facebook for Android

Social network Facebook has released an update of its mobile client for Android. On assurances of developers, a new application is twice as fast loading photos and picture of friends.

Until recently, the Facebook client for Android and iOS based on HTML5, which allows the company to update them with the mobile version of your site and quickly add new features. However, as the mobile audience social networking speed of these applications declined.

In early 2012, the company recognized that HTML5 - not the best choice for mobile clients, and decided to re-create both applications from scratch. In August, a new version of Facebook for iOS, has received a very warm welcome from users. In just three weeks since the release of its rating in the Apple App Store rose from 1.5 to 4 stars.

Now comes the client for Android. The application runs much faster, scrolling it became smoother and pictures open almost instantly. In addition, it implements dropdown notification of new events in the film friends.

Download Facebook for Android is available for free in the store Google Play