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Hackulous Shuts Down: Piracy App Installous Is Gone

Almost everyone has heard of it, that one with a jailbreak all App Store apps can be downloaded free on the device. Illegally, of course. To install the most popular way, apps from pirate sites on their device, was the Installous Store. This and the small tweak AppSync which allows you to synchronize cracked apps to iTunes, was provided by the company Hackulous.

As the Company on its website announced that it must adapt their service now. This message is left to the users:

Hackulous Shuts Down: Piracy App Installous Is Gone

After many years, the activity of the community slowly come to a halt and the forums were a ghost town of the same. It was hard to keep the online forums and to moderate the posts, despite the efforts of its employees. It is hoped that, a new and larger community.

The reason for the departure is not, as one might suspect at first like. In conflict with the law, but in an inactive community Even if you are in the text contradicts by saying that there are no posts, but that would have been moderate at the same time too much, the reason seems to lie here. As it stands, Hackulous has earned his money on the forums, and caught the visitors through the popular programs Installous and AppSync.

The reasons could be due to the current security barrier in iOS 6th Currently let jailbreak only the oldest devices and thus quite simply stay out of the user. The causal chain can complete them easily. No user> No Community> No Money> Off.

Hackulous' Cydia source has shut down one and the apps Installous AppSync and you can no longer download it. At least initially. Since, as already mentioned, are numerous people who have used the installous and installed on your device, there will be somewhere in the world a developer to upload the app again in the Cydia Store. Since Installous only necessary to install pirate apps was and the true sources of apps still exist, it should not need much company that cares about the program. As long as there is someone who cares about the compatibility with new software, and the service can still be used.

Apple Has Released An Update To Ios 6.0.2

Apple released a minor update to iOS 6.0.2. It is intended only for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini and does not carry any significant changes. In the description for the upgrade of about 70 MB is listed only one line: "Fixed an issue that could affect the operation of Wi-Fi". Apple is already testing iOS 6.1 beta 4, which will include a much more significant change. 

Upgrade to the new version of iOS can traditionally in three ways: through OTA on the device through iTunes or download the firmware:

- Mini iPad (Wi-Fi) (iPad2, 5) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A550), Download 
- iPad Mini ( GSM) (iPad2, 6) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A8500), Download 
- iPad Mini (CDMA) (iPad2, 7) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A8500), Download 
- iPhone 5 (GSM) (iPhone5, 1) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A551), Download 
- iPhone 5 (CDMA) (iPhone5, 2) version 6.0.2 (Build 10A551), Download