Why do I need a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

Do I need a UPS?

Every computer owner, probably at least once in their lives with the problem stykalsya emergency shutdown to an unexpected power outage (such breaks often occur in small towns, especially during storms or high winds).

Me too, there was this kind of situation. When I was still at university, like all, he wrote a thesis on the 5th course. One evening, I was obsessed with this task, sat down for a whole night. We are almost in the morning thesis was almost ready. But then came the worst - was switched off (literally 10 minutes). Naturally computer blacked out, with none of the work I have done has been preserved.

I was just desperate. And I decided that the problem should be solved. And I solved it - went to the store and bought a UPS . After I finished the same thesis, which have "excellent."

Since then, UPS is a very important attribute of my PC. He not only to hedge against a power failure (usually after the loss of light may be another 20-25 minutes to work on the computer, then turn it in normal mode), but also protects your computer from surges in voltage, which often happens - and this is allow your iron friend live a much longer life than those without UPS.

The huge advantage of the UPS is also an opportunity for those who use the Internet via a telephone line, to insure against power surges in a telephone cable to connect it directly to the UPS. Thus you will allow your modem to last you as long as possible.

It should be noted that the cost of uninterruptible power supply is not that great. On average it is about $ 100. Although you can find cheaper options, and - within the 50-60 dollars. But it's not worth saving on this package to the PC, because the role and importance of it - just hard to overestimate.

If you still do not have an uninterruptible power supply , then it is mandatory to buy. If you are, of course, appreciate the safety of their work on the computer and want to use it as long as possible.


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