Top Ten(10) Network Monitoring Tools

If you have a web site from time to time you have to deal with problems. On the Internet, there are several tools for monitoring network (distributed with open source), allowing you to keep track of these problems. You can take precautionary measures to ensure the smooth operation of your website. Today we bring you 10 of the most organized network monitoring tools.

01. Splunk
splunk network monitoring tools

Your IT-infrastructure should generate huge amounts of data. Machine data generated by web sites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices, and so on. By tracking and analyzing everything from the end-user clicks to transactions and network activity and calls, Splunk turns your machine data in a very significant understanding of the whole process. You will be able to track the problem and expose security holes in the system in minutes. Now you will be able to prevent the reduction of the level of service and to avoid server downtime. As well as a visual representation of the interaction of users, transactions and system behavior.

02. Ganglia
ganglia network monitoring tools

Ganglia - an extensible monitoring system designed for computer-based systems such as clusters and grids. It is based on a hierarchical model aimed at the integration of clusters. The system helps to increase the level of such widely applicable technologies as XML for data representation, XDR for compact, portable data, and RRDtool for data and visualization. It uses carefully engineered data structures and algorithms to effectively reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

03. Zenoss
zenoss network monitoring tools

In Zenoss accurately understand the requirements of IT-companies. On the way to view IT as a service, we need a solution to manage operations that support complex dynamic environment, and it does not require large investments. Zenoss Service Dynamics we can offer it. This product offers the combined efforts of you complete control over your IT-structure and its appearance, whether it be physical, virtual or cloud-based systems.

04. Munin
munin network monitoring tools

Munin is a network monitoring tool that will help you to analyze the activity of resources and track issues from the category of "what impedes our productivity?" The tool is designed so that it was as easy to use. Standard installation offers you a lot of charts and graphs, and require almost no effort.

05. Snort
snort network monitoring tools

Snort is an intrusion prevention and intrusion detection system source (IDS / IPS), developed by Sourcefire, and is open-source software. Combining the benefits of signature, recording and inspection of abnormal activity, Snort is the most extensive IDS / IPS-technology in the world. Snort has become the standard IPS due to several million downloads and approximately 400,000 registered users.

06. LogicMonitor
logic network monitoring tools

Every time in your environment is changed, for example, add some database, data set, or it contains a virtual machine, the configuration files need to be updated manually. The reality is that this is rarely done correctly and on time.

07. Cacti
cacti network monitoring tools

Cacti - a complete solution for using the graphic power of the functional and data placement RRDTool. Cacti will give you a quick recorder, advanced drawing templates graphics, several methods of data collection and management. All this is dressed in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

08. Zabbix
zabbix network monitoring tools

Zabbix - is a complete solution with an open source software to monitor performance. Zabbix offers advanced features for monitoring, alerting and visualization - features that are currently available in most tools.

09. Orion
orion network monitoring tools

Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) greatly simplifies the process of identifying, diagnosing and correcting performance issues within your ever-changing structure or network data center. The tool provides you with relevant reports and statistics that allow you to visually monitor the performance of the network. In addition, due to the dynamic network topological maps and automated network discovery features, you can easily manage their own structure.

10. Wireshark
wireshark network monitoring tools

Wireshark is one of the most popular network protocol analyzer. It allows you to cover and interactively browse the traffic flowing over the network. This de facto (and often de jure) standard among many industries and educational institutions.


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