Solve Problems With The Printer

Solve Problems With The Printer

Solve problems with the printer itself

The printer is one of the most important complementary devices, especially in areas that are closely related to the documentation (offices, educational institutions).

And sometimes with printers , as well as computers with the very problems of various kinds, which are detrimental to the outcome. Typically, in each office or facility has a system administrator (sysadmin), which is engaged in setting up computer equipment and ensures that she was constantly running.

But what if problems arise with computers at home? - Of course, as an option, you can have a personal system administrator, or call it when needed for a fee. But you will agree that this option will be to take away from us, not only money, but also time. After all, we have to wait when it comes sysadmin and everything will work out.

But still, each user simply must solve issues related to the computer , the low and medium complexity - so it can not only save time and money, but will keep control of the situation in their own hands, that is much better than to depend on others people.

One common problem is not recognized by the computer (or laptop) printer connected to it - of course, that in this situation we can not print anything. What can we do to find out s the situation?

As with all of the problems related to computers, made in two parts: hardware and software, so needless and here. So let's look at each aspect in turn.

Hardware component

First of all, you need to check whether normally includes printers , does not issue whether it with some uncharacteristic sounds, etc.?

Next, verify that the power with which the printer is connected to a computer, is safe and has no mechanical damage.

Check also to see if everything is okay with the slots, which are inserted into the plug at the end of the cord (which may be different damage).

Software component

After checking the printer, cables, connectors, turn off the printer . Next, connect a special shielded cable (cable) computer and printer (printer is still off).

Next, insert a CD ( DVD ) ROM driver disk that came with your printer into the box , and then run it and follow the instructions.

If the drive does not, you can download the driver on the manufacturer's website (this pickup to these sites , choose the technique of "printers").

After installing the driver reboot.

Next, go to Start -> Devices and Printers , where you should have just installed the printer among other devices.

If not, then you need to remove the installed driver (so go to the Device Manager , where our printer with USB icon, then click on the right mouse button and the pop-up window, select Delete), and then restart your computer and re-install the driver .

At the second attempt must exactly turn out!

But once you got it, you can proceed directly for printing documents. And while we can save time, money, and also to enhance their own self-esteem, which is very important!


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