Tips For Setting Up A Wireless Network

Tips for setting up a wireless network

Network through a wireless connection is becoming more and more popular among users. And it is not casual - because now there is no need to pull the cable from room to room, drill a hole, reinforcing it, thus creating inconvenience to you or others. It will be enough to buy a modem with Wi - Fi access point , set up a wireless network - and using the Internet immediately acquire certain freedom (holders laptops , no beeches , tablets , PDAs and smartphones) and comfort.

It should also be noted that the owners of desktop computers will be able to easily use wireless Wi - Fi for Internet access. For this, they, only need to buy a Wi - Fi adapter , which costs about $ 15 . Thus, the modem with an access point Wi - Fi will send internet signal and adapter Wi - Fi  will directly take it. With that, adapters Wi - Fi is both internal and external in the form of an ordinary USB flash drive, which is enough to insert into the USB port and enjoy the Internet.

And of course, wishing the wireless communication quality is not inferior to Wired. But unfortunately, it is quite difficult to implement, since different interference in the form of concrete walls, doors, furniture, availability of wireless networks in the neighborhood - will degrade the quality of the signal from the modem. Of course, the interruptions of the Internet will not (unless you have a problem with your ISP), but may still appear in the rate declines.

Therefore, one should follow some rules and guidelines for installing and setting up a wireless network in your home or office.

If you have more than one device, it is advisable to place the modem router is about middle of the room, so that each of the devices have an equal right to share the internet.

If you have only one desktop computer, then in that case it is better to place the modem in the same room, but no closer than 2 meters - if it is too close, you may have a communication problem (the conflict fields).

Also worth arrange modem at a height greater than 1 meter (desktop or bedside table), it will contribute to a better penetration of the signal to all devices.

And of course the need to set a password on your wireless network , so no one left not connected to you and did not use the Internet Freestuff, loading your channel.

In compliance with these rules and recommendations, you will be able to create for themselves a quality wireless network that will be protected.

Choosing Speaker Audio For Computer

Choosing Speaker Audio For Computer

What computer speakers pick up? - a question that a lot of us, when it comes to audio system. After all, a computer that is devoid of sound - it is a defective computer . He can not listen to music, watch movies, normally play computer games, and more.

Sets the speakers to the computer - a very serious matter, which should be taken seriously. And the ones who disobey - will gain cheap speakers , the sound quality that they will produce will be so substandard that the columns will not name - only certain beeper.

Therefore recommend that you follow these guidelines when choosing speakers for your computer , make sure that your choice was correct and did not have to be sorry after:

First of all you need to decide for what purpose the required column . This is a very important aspect, because for one type of music suitable speakers for computer games - the other, and to see the third film.
If the speaker needs to listen to music, the best place to buy an active type speakers (amplified sound) of the 2.0 (two columns). These columns will be possible to accurately reproduce the sounds of both the low, mid and high tones.

If the speakers are needed, preferably for games , then your choice is to stop on the 2.1 system (one subwoofer and two satellite speakers-) - subwoofer will be responsible for the sounds of low tones, and satellite speakers, respectively - the medium and high. The sum will experience the reality of a sound range of a game.

In the case of video display (as HD) you need speakers scheme 5.1 or 7.1 , which will consist of a single speaker subwoofer and 5-7 satellites. As a result, you'll get the most out of the movies and you have the feeling that you are in a movie theater (unless, of course, and the picture is even better.)

Also pay attention to the material from which made ??the column. If they are made ??from cheap plastic, the sound of them will be poor. The best option would be a column of wood (MDF, particle board), just make sure that their structure is tight .

If you do not particularly need a good sound - speakers will be used only for signals of different programs, you can stop and on the cheap version.

How many columns are for the computer? unlikely that this question can give a definite answer, because depending on the quality, size and characteristics of the speakers their price will vary, where in some cases substantially.

Thus, the plastic tweeter speakers will cost you up to $ 10 , while the high quality speakers such as 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 will cost $ 30-150. But their price is fair, and in return for the money spent on them, you get high-quality sound, that will please your ears!

Choosing A Web Camera: Tips And Tricks

Choosing a web camera: tips and tricks

Choosing a web camera - with one hand - unpretentious business, but if a good deal, it becomes clear that not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Therefore, even the choice of such a tiny accessory to a PC or laptop must be taken seriously.

The first thing you need to decide for what purpose you need a webcam and to what extent should be its price. As a rule, most people buy a webcam for communication (video) on Skype, to classmates, some also get a webcam to capture video podcasts (various video tutorials, video presentations) - and in these cases, the requirements to the webcam will very different.

On what kind of data you need to pay attention especially when buying a webcam ?

Video resolution webcam

A very important characteristic, and it depends on the quality of the picture, which will be sent to the other party or recorded in a video file.

To communicate well enough to be 640x480 pixels. For shooting video casts require higher resolution, which, of course, affect the price webcam .

One should not buy a webcam with high resolution, when it is we do not need (to take a reserve). After all, in low light web camera with high resolution will shoot the video for order of magnitude worse than analog with a resolution of 640x480 (the higher the resolution - the higher the sensitivity to light).

A microphone in the webcam

Nowadays, most of the new models of webcams are already built-in microphone, resulting in the need to purchase additional microphone disappears. But there are also models in stock, issued earlier, which do not have a microphone.

Therefore, when buying a webcam to pay attention to this point, so in the end it was not necessary to go back to the store - is behind the microphone.

It should be noted that for all shooting video casts will need to purchase a microphone, so it will be able to record high quality audio.

Frame rate

Pretty important point in choosing a web camera . As we know, the human eye is able to perceive a maximum of 24 frames per second. If the frame rate camcorder below that, then your companion will give the impression that this is not a video link, and communicates via a slide show.

Because when you buy a webcam sees to it that the frame rate it was about 30 frames per second.

For shooting video casts the figure should be higher, respectively.

Ergonomics and design of the web camera

Also, when choosing a web camera is worth considering the possibility of fixing it. Recommend to opt for generic version when the webcam is successfully attached to both the computer and the notebook (not all laptops have built-in webcam ), and it is desirable that a webcam could be on the table without additional supports .

Summing up, it is worth noting that the choice of the webcam - pretty specific and it must take into account a number of requirements that will choose a webcam that will satisfy our needs.

Top Ten(10) Network Monitoring Tools

If you have a web site from time to time you have to deal with problems. On the Internet, there are several tools for monitoring network (distributed with open source), allowing you to keep track of these problems. You can take precautionary measures to ensure the smooth operation of your website. Today we bring you 10 of the most organized network monitoring tools.

01. Splunk
splunk network monitoring tools

Your IT-infrastructure should generate huge amounts of data. Machine data generated by web sites, applications, servers, networks, mobile devices, and so on. By tracking and analyzing everything from the end-user clicks to transactions and network activity and calls, Splunk turns your machine data in a very significant understanding of the whole process. You will be able to track the problem and expose security holes in the system in minutes. Now you will be able to prevent the reduction of the level of service and to avoid server downtime. As well as a visual representation of the interaction of users, transactions and system behavior.

02. Ganglia
ganglia network monitoring tools

Ganglia - an extensible monitoring system designed for computer-based systems such as clusters and grids. It is based on a hierarchical model aimed at the integration of clusters. The system helps to increase the level of such widely applicable technologies as XML for data representation, XDR for compact, portable data, and RRDtool for data and visualization. It uses carefully engineered data structures and algorithms to effectively reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

03. Zenoss
zenoss network monitoring tools

In Zenoss accurately understand the requirements of IT-companies. On the way to view IT as a service, we need a solution to manage operations that support complex dynamic environment, and it does not require large investments. Zenoss Service Dynamics we can offer it. This product offers the combined efforts of you complete control over your IT-structure and its appearance, whether it be physical, virtual or cloud-based systems.

04. Munin
munin network monitoring tools

Munin is a network monitoring tool that will help you to analyze the activity of resources and track issues from the category of "what impedes our productivity?" The tool is designed so that it was as easy to use. Standard installation offers you a lot of charts and graphs, and require almost no effort.

05. Snort
snort network monitoring tools

Snort is an intrusion prevention and intrusion detection system source (IDS / IPS), developed by Sourcefire, and is open-source software. Combining the benefits of signature, recording and inspection of abnormal activity, Snort is the most extensive IDS / IPS-technology in the world. Snort has become the standard IPS due to several million downloads and approximately 400,000 registered users.

06. LogicMonitor
logic network monitoring tools

Every time in your environment is changed, for example, add some database, data set, or it contains a virtual machine, the configuration files need to be updated manually. The reality is that this is rarely done correctly and on time.

07. Cacti
cacti network monitoring tools

Cacti - a complete solution for using the graphic power of the functional and data placement RRDTool. Cacti will give you a quick recorder, advanced drawing templates graphics, several methods of data collection and management. All this is dressed in an intuitive and easy to use interface.

08. Zabbix
zabbix network monitoring tools

Zabbix - is a complete solution with an open source software to monitor performance. Zabbix offers advanced features for monitoring, alerting and visualization - features that are currently available in most tools.

09. Orion
orion network monitoring tools

Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) greatly simplifies the process of identifying, diagnosing and correcting performance issues within your ever-changing structure or network data center. The tool provides you with relevant reports and statistics that allow you to visually monitor the performance of the network. In addition, due to the dynamic network topological maps and automated network discovery features, you can easily manage their own structure.

10. Wireshark
wireshark network monitoring tools

Wireshark is one of the most popular network protocol analyzer. It allows you to cover and interactively browse the traffic flowing over the network. This de facto (and often de jure) standard among many industries and educational institutions.

Solve Problems With The Printer

Solve Problems With The Printer

Solve problems with the printer itself

The printer is one of the most important complementary devices, especially in areas that are closely related to the documentation (offices, educational institutions).

And sometimes with printers , as well as computers with the very problems of various kinds, which are detrimental to the outcome. Typically, in each office or facility has a system administrator (sysadmin), which is engaged in setting up computer equipment and ensures that she was constantly running.

But what if problems arise with computers at home? - Of course, as an option, you can have a personal system administrator, or call it when needed for a fee. But you will agree that this option will be to take away from us, not only money, but also time. After all, we have to wait when it comes sysadmin and everything will work out.

But still, each user simply must solve issues related to the computer , the low and medium complexity - so it can not only save time and money, but will keep control of the situation in their own hands, that is much better than to depend on others people.

One common problem is not recognized by the computer (or laptop) printer connected to it - of course, that in this situation we can not print anything. What can we do to find out s the situation?

As with all of the problems related to computers, made in two parts: hardware and software, so needless and here. So let's look at each aspect in turn.

Hardware component

First of all, you need to check whether normally includes printers , does not issue whether it with some uncharacteristic sounds, etc.?

Next, verify that the power with which the printer is connected to a computer, is safe and has no mechanical damage.

Check also to see if everything is okay with the slots, which are inserted into the plug at the end of the cord (which may be different damage).

Software component

After checking the printer, cables, connectors, turn off the printer . Next, connect a special shielded cable (cable) computer and printer (printer is still off).

Next, insert a CD ( DVD ) ROM driver disk that came with your printer into the box , and then run it and follow the instructions.

If the drive does not, you can download the driver on the manufacturer's website (this pickup to these sites , choose the technique of "printers").

After installing the driver reboot.

Next, go to Start -> Devices and Printers , where you should have just installed the printer among other devices.

If not, then you need to remove the installed driver (so go to the Device Manager , where our printer with USB icon, then click on the right mouse button and the pop-up window, select Delete), and then restart your computer and re-install the driver .

At the second attempt must exactly turn out!

But once you got it, you can proceed directly for printing documents. And while we can save time, money, and also to enhance their own self-esteem, which is very important!

Tips On Buying A New Computer

Smart tips for business owners who want to forward

There are about six billion different computers to choose from, it feels like. What do you need? What do you need? This article will help you determine that how you can make a better purchase of computer for business start. To begin with - what do you want your computer to? Are you going to check email and surf the net with it, do the books and then some - when you do not have to spend so much on a computer. Should, however, you play games on it sometimes and use it to great heavy program so it becomes more expensive. All this seems obvious, but it usually does not happen when you are in the computer shop and choose. This is important for all purchases:
  • Guarantees - what are they?
  • Support - How does it look?
  • The company you buy from - they seem stable and looks to remain for a year?

You can basically choose two types of computers
  • The unbranded - an up-picker, a build that many small computer companies do (Strictly speaking, so does the brand companies as well, but they have reasonably higher quality of what they put into the computer because they have to pay for it in a different way)
  • Those with a known brand, which DELL for example.

Buying computer without a known brand - benefits
  • Usually cheaper
  • Most often easier to replace broken parts because they are not brand specific

Buying computer without a known brand - cons
  • Guarantees may be worse
  • The quality may be inferior
  • Customer service can be worse
  • Self-help on a website, for example, missing

Buying brand computer - benefits
  • Usually better support
  • Most often pre-installed software
  • Usually better quality
  • Mostly self-help support on a website

Buying brand computer cons
More expensive
  • You have to pay for software that you may not even need

Why do I need a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

Do I need a UPS?

Every computer owner, probably at least once in their lives with the problem stykalsya emergency shutdown to an unexpected power outage (such breaks often occur in small towns, especially during storms or high winds).

Me too, there was this kind of situation. When I was still at university, like all, he wrote a thesis on the 5th course. One evening, I was obsessed with this task, sat down for a whole night. We are almost in the morning thesis was almost ready. But then came the worst - was switched off (literally 10 minutes). Naturally computer blacked out, with none of the work I have done has been preserved.

I was just desperate. And I decided that the problem should be solved. And I solved it - went to the store and bought a UPS . After I finished the same thesis, which have "excellent."

Since then, UPS is a very important attribute of my PC. He not only to hedge against a power failure (usually after the loss of light may be another 20-25 minutes to work on the computer, then turn it in normal mode), but also protects your computer from surges in voltage, which often happens - and this is allow your iron friend live a much longer life than those without UPS.

The huge advantage of the UPS is also an opportunity for those who use the Internet via a telephone line, to insure against power surges in a telephone cable to connect it directly to the UPS. Thus you will allow your modem to last you as long as possible.

It should be noted that the cost of uninterruptible power supply is not that great. On average it is about $ 100. Although you can find cheaper options, and - within the 50-60 dollars. But it's not worth saving on this package to the PC, because the role and importance of it - just hard to overestimate.

If you still do not have an uninterruptible power supply , then it is mandatory to buy. If you are, of course, appreciate the safety of their work on the computer and want to use it as long as possible.

How To Choose A Power Supply For Your Computer?

Choose A Power Supply For Your Computer

How to choose a power supply for your computer?
When building a computer yourself one important step is the selection of the power supply , which will animate all electrical components, enabling them to work effectively.

Let us consider what principles should be followed when selecting the power supply for the computer .

First of all you need to buy all the parts, which will be included in your assembly (motherboard, processor, main memory, hard drive, graphics card). Only then can we figure out what power supply unit we want.
Next, we estimate the direct energy consumption of each component of the computer:
processor consumes from 30 to 150 W ;
  • motherboard with memory modules of 30 to 50 W ;
  • Winchester uses about 10-20 W ;
  • Drive SSD   - from 5 to 10 W ;
  • graphics card consumes from 40 to 460 W - depending on the model;
  • do not forget that up to 50 W will consume coolers and other cooling system.

Also, leave the spare tire in the form of additional 100-150 W for the correct operation of the computer.
In the end, take the power supply from 300 to 650 W .

Typically, for an office computer acceptable option would be a power unit in the 300-450 W (will cost you about $ 30-50 .) for a gaming computer - 600-850 W (approximate price - $ 60-100 ).

Also keep in mind that the important role played by the fact what the power supply output .

Usually differ reliability power supplies production Cooler Master , Corsair , GigaByte , Zalman , Hight Power and EzCool .

By purchasing a power supply that is perfect for your PC build, it must be properly connected. To do this, follow the instructions to connect a power supply with the kit, which comes complete with power supply.

Remember what a reliable and quality power supply - the longer and more effectively serve the entire computer , from the motherboard and ending card reader!

How To Protect Your Computer

How To Protect Your Computer

Computer security is one of the most important factors in normal and comfortable working on it. Therefore, each of us would like to protect your computer as good as it can get. Indeed, the danger lies in wait for us at every turn. Penetrate into our computer they want all sorts of viruses, "Trojan horses," spyware, and hackers. And if you use your computer for work, business, the question of its safety is very relevant for you.

So, how to protect your computer ? It should first of all be noted that the protection of the computer takes place in several stages. These steps are related to:
  • Data protection through encryption;
  • Installing anti-virus software;
  • Automatic updating of the system;
  • Storing sensitive information on removable media (such as a flash drive).

Now let's go through the items in order.
So, on your main computer data storage is the hard drive (aka hard drive). In order to protect its data from being stolen, you can encrypt them, set a password for access. Also, now you can buy a hard drive, where encryption of data already sewn into it.

Protect Your Computer

Antivirus programs are an integral part of computer security. After a walk on the internet without anti-virus - it is the same as the common people walk on thin, which can give a crack anywhere. But it is also worth considering that the antivirus should be reliable and frequently updated (so new viruses did not have a chance to get on the computer.) The best option would antivirus Kasperskiy, Dr. Web (paid), Avast Free (free, but very reliable).

Do not forget to set your operating system to update automatically, which will allow it to constantly improve and improve. Thus, the "holes" in the system (and they always are) will be gradually tightened and disappear.

If you have a very important information (such as purses Web Money), it is better to keep it on removable media. These can be flash (if the information is not so great) or removable hard disk (larger file size).

Now you know how to protect your computer . Use the above, and save yourself from the problems of computer security once and for all!

CPU Overheating Problem : Replacing The Thermal Paste

CPU overheating and replacing the thermal paste on it

Many of us have a desktop computer, but very few know how it works and what to do in case of trouble. In this case, the first thing most users will poison the service center. But such a possibility is not always, and the procedure can eventually take a lot of time and a lot of money.

As you know, one of the most important skills of any driver is to know what's inside your car and how to fix it. So, an important skill PC user is knowing what's inside your computer, how it works and how to fix it yourself in case of any problems.

Very often during the active use of computer processor time it starts to overheat. This can manifest itself in the computer freeze when it starts a very long time "thinking", constantly inhibits or overloaded, when he wants. Work on that computer will not only bring a lot of stress, but also could threaten loss is very important information, which is contained in it. So, if your computer is observed above the "symptoms", then you should immediately make a diagnosis and begin treatment.

To do this you need to know the temperature of the CPU, which in the case of overheating and becoming a source of this kind of glitches. For this test you can use the Driver Pack Solution, which in addition to installing the drivers, also has the property assessment of the temperature.

If the temperature of the CPU of your computer is less than 40 °, then everything is fine with the processor and pay attention to the other components (memory, and hard drive), we'll talk about them in another article. If the CPU temperature is above 40 °, then this means that you need to start his "treatment."

To do so would open the system unit (previously it has to be off), to blow out all the good vacuum cleaner. Next you need to remove the cooler, which is placed directly over the processor (you can carry out the same procedure with all the others that are available - would be very useful), to clean the dust out.

Also, you must first acquire a thermal paste (you can buy at any computer store). It is used for a closer relationship with boxing (metal block CPU cooling ). If the thermal paste was not applied when building the computer processor or it eventually burnt out, and there are similar problems and the processor overheats , and eventually can simply burn out.

So, you have a thermal compound. Need to remove the metal box. Then take a tissue (dry) and thoroughly wipe the processor and the bottom of the box (where there is interaction with the processor) of residual thermal paste (if any). Then applied to the droplet size of a pea on the center of the top surface of the processor (do not take out, he always remains in its socket), set top box and clamp clips. In consequence of the strong pressing this drop as a result of thermal paste will cover the entire surface of the CPU, which will provide the desired effect.

It is worth noting that you should not apply too little thermal compound - in this case, CPU cooling will not be as effective. Also applying too much thermal paste can damage your computer (if it razlezetsya compression on the motherboard). Therefore apply only to the size of a drop of thermal paste pea - that would be enough.

As you can see, replacing the thermal paste on the CPU - not such a difficult task. At the same time, its performance can significantly speed up your computer and allow it to operate as normal as possible.

Advancements In Computer Technology

With technology progressing as fast as it is at the present, it is a wonder we do not have a new mass-marketed gadget appearing every few minutes. Personal computers, once predicted to be owned by a mere handful of individuals, are everywhere nowadays. If you are a student a personal computer is virtually a necessity. Accompanying the ever-increasing popularity of the personal computer is a plethora of gadgets and technological advancements. Though it may not be every few minutes, it seems as though every couple of months we hear about a computer with more storage space or a new device that one can connect to their computer.

Some devices that appear on the market are either completely superfluous or not so accessible to the entirety of the population, whether it is because of their cost or their limited supply. The costly devices are reserved to those who can afford them, until some new gadget replaces them and the price of these machines decreases, much like any new technology that appears on the market. Those gadgets, which are unnecessary, are not overly practical and the market for these creations is comprised mainly of those with an affinity for such devices. Inventions like webcams, while they are certainly fun to play with, are essentially unnecessary as they have no bearing on the actual operation of the computer and are used largely for leisure computer activities.

The more purposeful advancements in computer technology revolve around those, which increase the computers ability to manage certain tasks and those, which increase the storage space of the computer. Many personal computer owners find themselves craving more space to store songs or various other files and often wishing that their computer were faster. Though many computers produced today have a excessive storage space, that is, it is nearly impossible to fill a personal computer to capacity, these types of advancements permit a much speedier and more efficient functioning computer.

Accessories For Your New Notebook Computer

Just spent big money on another notebook?.While you need accessories.Here are a few accessory ideas you may want to think about to make the set up complete.

1: Notebook bag
You can't wonderfully go travelling worldwide with your laptop exposed to the outdoor conditions.
Concerning laptop bags, you'll be able to spend £15 for a basic case made from cheap materials or up to a hundred pounds one made of quality leather.some notebooks have the bag as a give-away, i discover that you may choose affordable one by shopping around and not just neccessarilly buying the exact one, but the one which will do the job. Personally i pick one which will be large enough to hold a few accessories besides.

2: Software
Did your notebook come with software? In that case, did it come with the right software - the application you actually need to perform whatever tasks you require?
Not only assume you have got everything you need. You'll likely need to add some software, as well as get on the net to update the software that was included.

3: A Real USB Mouse
The inbuilt touch-pad does the job. However, provided the choice, most people would rather use a real mouse.
If you consider that for a while, you are really to realize that many places where you'll be computing are actually suitable for a real mouse.

4: A Cat5 Ethernet Cable
Your built-in Ethernet port won't do you much good if you decide to get to your hotel room, discover an Ethernet connection, and you should not have a good cable. Some hotels provide them; others don't. Always come prepared with the right cable.

5: A Standard Telephone Cable
The same holds true for your own personal modem connection. If you don't have a cable to help you get from your own computer with the phone jack, you're not going to link to the net.

6: Disposable Cleansing Cloths
Eventually, the display on your notebook is going to get dusty, or possibly grimey. You're diceing in the death of your laptop if you attempt to clean your display with paper towels and spray cleaners.

7: USB Drive
A USB drive is basically a storage device about the size of your thumb that plugs directly into a USB port.
Capacity-wise, they're relatively small - usually well under 100 MB. However, they're very useful for moving files fast and simple from one computer to another, e.g., moving a PowerPoint presentation off of laptop to your small business associate's laptop.

8: Blank CD-R Discs
You've just finished your big sales presentation. Someone from the audience approaches you afterward and asks for getting a copy of one's presentation.
You'll make a better impression if you already transfer a CD of the presentation immediately.

9: Stereo Headset
It's perfect in order to watch DVD movies no matter where you are. Imagine watching your favourite flick at 30,000 feet.

There's only one problem. The family in the row behind you has absolutely no interest with hearing the dialog seen from the latest drama show

10: Security Device
Laptop security devices come in many shapes and sizes.
For example, most laptops utilize security dock that enables you to attach your laptop to most immovable object via cable, much like you'd lock up your bike in the streets.

Instagram Launched A Video Service With Filters

Company Facebook, as promised, has implemented a new "big idea", which was the Instagram for video services like Vine, which writes the 15-second spots - 2.5 times larger than the limit set by Twitter.
The head of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and director Kevin Instagram Sistrom (Kevin Systrom) updated the functionality of Instagram during the press event in California on June 20.

"It's the same Instagram, which we all know and love, but he is moving " , - said Kevin Sistrom. A key feature of the social network Instagram, as we know, are the filters used in the photo to give them shade artistry. Presented by the 13 new filters used exclusively on video. Among them, notably the filter Cinema, which has been described as a representative of Instagram "an excellent stable video that puts the power of the cinema into the user's pocket" .

While recording video users are able to stop and then continue shooting, as is the video service from Vine Twitter. Further, users can choose from a selection of frames automatically created artwork that will be displayed in the thread. Videos are played only once and not repeated, as in the Vine. They appear in the flow, and the user profile. To start playback, press the roller.

Instagram Video Services available today for web and mobile applications iOS and Android.
A few days before the event Facebook message sent out about some upcoming announcement. Many reputable publications soon suggested that the video service will be launched with filters. On the eve of the event publication All Things D, citing its own sources, reported that nothing but a new video service Instagram, is not submitted.

13 million users that Twitter had launched earlier this year, Service Vine, could not disturb Facebook. The company had to answer so quickly became popular video service and a competitor in some way borrowed the idea. According to the Wall Street Journal, the development at Facebook took several months. It seems that this is not the last such announcement this year from leading Internet companies.
Instagram now has 130 million active users, so the new video service has the potential to quickly overtake by popularity Vine.

Why Use Monitoring Software In Your Company?

What is monitoring software?

What does monitoring software is available for:
  • Validate noncompliance with the requirements required by the Data Protection Act and other institutional policies.
  • Designing new policies based on common practices and previously undetected or risk that expose the enterprise system.
  • Identify and report leaks and disclosure of confidential information, and to monitor the use of the information by authorized personnel only.
  • Identify user profiles to help identify risks and take corrective actions to minimize negative impacts on the institutional environment, network security and corporate reputation risk To mention some:
  • Members disgruntled
  • Malicious users try to damage the network or leaking information
  • Users unhappy or in a job search
  • Anonymous users, or conflicting
  • Users unproductive and that affect the network's profile

How does monitoring software work? 
  • Uses a smart linguistic analysis engine for content in both English and Spanish.
  • Analyze the content and context of the packet to determine if traffic is valid or not.
  • All traffic will be reported as invalid categorized.
  • Has over 70 categories designed to identify inappropriate content.
  • It will create new categories which seek information based content, documents and other institutional data, which have the same need or interest to monitor.
  • Allows adjust monitoring levels and include policies for inclusion or exclusion of users and times.
  • All traffic recorded show evidence to validate the act, including full details of the user that created it.
  • Manages through the browser.

Uses and applications in monitoring software

Within the main illegal activities that can be monitored with using monitoring software are:
  • Detection of unauthorized websites
  • Review of inappropriate conversations via messenger / chat
  • Information filtering and detection of file attachments via e-mail Web or Institutional
  • Supervision of post activities, such as: facebook, hi5, twitter and forums Streaming activities: music, videos, radio stations online, P2P activity, and to download music or unauthorized programs
  • Identification of attempts to attack or information leakage through activities FTP / Telnet.

What Is Web-Design, Its Main Elements, Steps And Principles

I often ask "What is a web designer," I usually reply that this is the man who makes websites. Recently, I thought, but is it really is. In the end, I decided to clarify the matter and find out what exactly is a web design in the broadest sense of the term, and if anyone can be called a web designer. To find out, let's look at the steps in sequence, principles and elements of web design. 

1. Definition of Web Design
read many definitions of web design, I settled on the following. Web Design - the process of production of websites, which includes technical development, structuring of information, visual (graphic) design and delivery over the network.

2. Stages of Web Design
Let's take a closer look at any of the stages in the process of building a website. A detailed understanding of the process of creating the site will allow us to identify who is doing what at each stage, and whom to call based on that web designer.

Terms of Reference (TOR)
On the basis of a clear understanding of the purpose for which the site is created, the volume of the site, its functionality set the basic parameters of the visual presentation and structure of the site. Phase ends after the approval of the customer's specifications. Engaged in the project manager.

Structuring information (usability)
This includes the shape and organization of content on the site. Includes a wide range of issues from thinking through the logical structure of the web pages to select the most suitable forms of information presentation. Engaged designer, project manager. 

Graphic design
in the graphics editor visual space of the company website using graphics as a decoration or navigation. The actual design of the page is a graphic file. Performed designer. 

At this stage, graphic image is cut into individual elements and technologies of HTML and CSS is transformed into code that can be viewed using a browser. Performed by the encoder, the programmer. 

At this stage, carried out actions that facilitate the spread and effective delivery site on the network. Includes accommodation for hosting and search engine optimization. Performed by Admin, Webmaster. 

3. What is a Web Designer
Web Designer - a person who independently carries out the launch site and performs all the steps of creating a website on their own. It should be understood that the web designer can be delegated to third parties to perform some steps, but he controls the whole process. Yes, and the web designer should be a generalist and understand all aspects of web design.Thus, we see a significant difference between the concept of designer and web designer. Designer - is the one who develops usability and graphical component of the site. I think that we have these two concepts are merged due to lack of specialization performers. And basically it focuses on the creation of the graphical component of the site, although this is not all. 

4. Elements of Web Design
Web Design Elements - those abstract materials you work with a designer. The main elements of the design include space, line, shape, color, texture, font, form, light and shade, size. It is because of them, like the bricks, built the whole composition design.To use them properly, it is necessary to know their characteristic properties, strengths and weaknesses, behavior in different situations. For more on the design elements can be found in the article " Basic design elements involved in creating a composition ", where each element is considered separately. 

5. The principles of web design
but to learn how to build buildings, not enough to know the properties of bricks. Namely, the principles of web design define the rules of interaction of all elements. The basic principles of web design include: balance, contrast, subordination, the direction of attention, proportion, scale, rhythm and unity.The fundamental design principles that define right and wrong among the countless combinations of elements. For more information on design guidelines can be found in the article " The basic principles of creating a harmonious composition in design ", where each principle is discussed separately. 

6. How to learn web design,
I am often asked what should be done to learn web design and can we learn DESIGN at a mature age. First, learn web design can be completely at any age. The main thing here is not the age, and the presence of desire and patience to learn. Secondly, the process of learning web design does not differ from other learning processes.

So good place to start with the theoretical part. One sensible book will give you a general idea of the subject studied. For example, I once helped a lot D.Kirsanova book "Web Design". For more information on useful books can be read in the article "The 10 most popular and useful books on design, which is good to read . "