Why Computer Crashes?

Too many owners of personal computers from time to time face their lockups that not only brings inconvenience and discomfort, but it can also result in the loss of information. Because in most cases the most reliable solution in order to return your computer to life, it will reboot. So, if some documents not previously been saved, the new information in them will be simply lost.

Therefore, it is necessary for each of us to know what simple but effective actions to protect themselves from possible deadlocks. There is a view that hangs just old computers. But this is not the case. After all, the new computer can experience problems in both hardware and software components. Just old computer freezes more often.

Why computer crashes ? Reasons for this may be several. As mentioned earlier, these problems can be hardware and software. Let's look at what they are and how they manifest themselves.

Hardware problems are primarily related to malfunctions in computer components. If problems with the processor (ie overheating), the computer will turn on for a long time and slow to respond to your actions. In this case, there will be a steady visnuschee state. Also, the computer will often illegally overloaded.

If the problem is memory, the computer freezes will occur from time to time, usually when the computer would go to a big load (watching videos, games). In this case, the moment of "peak freezing" the ability to reboot involuntarily.

If problems with the hard drive, the computer will occasionally hang, but after 1-3 minutes, will continue. Of course if you live to see this moment, and do not restart it.

In case of emergency card system freezing can occur during intensive use of video memory. Typically, this happens during the games. May also have a variety of artifacts on the screen (various stripes or dots Ryskov whose location varies).

If you have this kind of problem, take it to a service center. There, after an accurate diagnosis of your computer, decide what its component must be replaced or repaired. You can also change their own kit, which is a problem. But remember that you can often pay instead of replacing the item for repair, which will cost you much cheaper.

If you have a computer crashes, reboots and willfully appear regularly with notifications about errors, here the problem is likely in the operating system. To solve such problems, as a rule, will be enough to reinstall the system correctly (it is recommended that no pirate, and the license).

So, now you know why the computer freezes and how to solve this problem. This will turn your computer into a companion and helper.

How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses?

It was noted that one of the important conditions of security is to install anti-virus, which can be a good protection against all kinds of viruses, "Trojan horses" and spyware. In this article we will discuss in more detail on this aspect, let's talk about how to protect your computer from viruses .

First of all, let's be clear how viruses can get on our computer. The most common method of infection - is a virus infection during a walk in the internet. With that, they can pick up as the simple web browsing (virus attack), and by downloading any of the files (and we do it very often).

Not only that, the viruses can be sewn into the common program and installing it on your computer, you give them total freedom. Thus, downloading, such as the new Microsoft Office free no hurry to rejoice. Because such "discovery" could eventually cost you dearly.

Viruses can be transmitted via removable media (CDs, flash drives) as well as the home network, in which one of the computers infected.

Consequences of viruses on your computer may be different, but all of them anyway, and it will harm you. These consequences may include: loss of very important information, stealing passwords, spam from your computer on your behalf, banner blocking the computer in order to extort money. This is not the entire list of consequences infections. But for them it is clear than it might be over.

How to protect your computer from viruses ? - First of all you need to install a good antivirus. It should be noted that such a determined not by price, but by the quality of search and detection of malware and viruses, refresh rates, scanning not only space, but also Internet traffic (check each site to which you linked to the presence in it viruses).

Very good decisions in this regard will be the anti-virus Kaspersky, Dr. Web, the license for the use of which is granted after Olathe, but the price corresponds to the level of protection that they offer. If you are hunting to spend on anti-virus, you can use the free version of antivirus Avast (Avast Free). By signing up on their website you will get a free license for a year. When this period egistratsii operation can be extended for another year and so on.

Remember that the security of your computer is very important and is one of the most important factors that will ensure proper functionality, which will use it to the maximum, without worrying about viruses and other malicious programs.

Buying A Computer Online Store

Buying A Computer Online Store

Every day in the world there is something new. And over time, these innovations have become an integral part of our lives. This is the case of mobile phones, computers and many other things without which raw is unlikely to be able to live normally.

In this article we will talk about an innovation that can very much simplify our lives, save time and money.

What kind of innovation is? - You ask. We are concerned about online stores . And not just about online stores, which are now divorced so very many different perspectives and specializations - but the online store of computers and accessories to them.

If earlier in order to buy a computer or spare parts for it , it was necessary to visit more than a dozen stores, spending a lot of precious time, but now we have the ability to view purchase options, from home and get the product to home delivery or the nearest post office .

As we know, not all people are adequately perceive innovation, are skeptical it, preferring the classics. The situation is similar with online computer shop.

Among the arguments against the purchase of computers and accessories are available in online stores:

  • Opportunity to buy a "pig in a poke";
  • Problems with the transfer of money for the goods;
  • Unable to return back to the computer or its components in the event of a fault;
  • No service center to repair the computer;
  • Additional costs of delivery of ordered goods (especially important this issue appears when buying a computer, or parts of it abroad).
  • But if you look at each of these points, it is clear that most of the fears and distrust online shop - no essential sustained.

After all, if you choose from the mass of online computer stores those that have authority in the field, have the trust of customers, provide guarantees (usually such guarantees or slightly better than the guarantees that you will get in stores), it is no problem and not arise.

Also worth noting is the fact that even with the cost of shipping the computer or its components , it will cost us less than in stores for about $ 30-70 (depending on configuration). And that, you see, is very significant.

Also, the biggest online store computer equipment and accessories to it often have a far greater range of products, which will allow you to find and buy really what you want, and not what will be offered as an alternative.

And for dessert, we note the time that the pay for the product that you purchased at an online store can be a cash upon receiving the order in the mail , as well as non-cash : by credit card or e-currency ( Web Money, Pay Pal  , etc.) .

The most important rule - is to check the reliability of an online store. If you have any doubts in this regard, it is better not to hurry and to continue his search, because the choice is really huge.

Tips For Setting Up A Wireless Network

Tips For Setting Up A Wireless Network

Tips for setting up a wireless network

Network through a wireless connection is becoming more and more popular among users. And it is not casual - because now there is no need to pull the cable from room to room, drill a hole, reinforcing it, thus creating inconvenience to you or others. It will be enough to buy a modem with Wi - Fi access point , set up a wireless network - and using the Internet immediately acquire certain freedom (holders laptops , no beeches , tablets , PDAs and smartphones) and comfort.

It should also be noted that the owners of desktop computers will be able to easily use wireless Wi - Fi for Internet access. For this, they, only need to buy a Wi - Fi adapter , which costs about $ 15 . Thus, the modem with an access point Wi - Fi will send internet signal and adapter Wi - Fi  will directly take it. With that, adapters Wi - Fi is both internal and external in the form of an ordinary USB flash drive, which is enough to insert into the USB port and enjoy the Internet.

And of course, wishing the wireless communication quality is not inferior to Wired. But unfortunately, it is quite difficult to implement, since different interference in the form of concrete walls, doors, furniture, availability of wireless networks in the neighborhood - will degrade the quality of the signal from the modem. Of course, the interruptions of the Internet will not (unless you have a problem with your ISP), but may still appear in the rate declines.

Therefore, one should follow some rules and guidelines for installing and setting up a wireless network in your home or office.

If you have more than one device, it is advisable to place the modem router is about middle of the room, so that each of the devices have an equal right to share the internet.

If you have only one desktop computer, then in that case it is better to place the modem in the same room, but no closer than 2 meters - if it is too close, you may have a communication problem (the conflict fields).

Also worth arrange modem at a height greater than 1 meter (desktop or bedside table), it will contribute to a better penetration of the signal to all devices.

And of course the need to set a password on your wireless network , so no one left not connected to you and did not use the Internet Freestuff, loading your channel.

In compliance with these rules and recommendations, you will be able to create for themselves a quality wireless network that will be protected.

Choosing Speaker Audio For Computer

Choosing Speaker Audio For Computer

What computer speakers pick up? - a question that a lot of us, when it comes to audio system. After all, a computer that is devoid of sound - it is a defective computer . He can not listen to music, watch movies, normally play computer games, and more.

Sets the speakers to the computer - a very serious matter, which should be taken seriously. And the ones who disobey - will gain cheap speakers , the sound quality that they will produce will be so substandard that the columns will not name - only certain beeper.

Therefore recommend that you follow these guidelines when choosing speakers for your computer , make sure that your choice was correct and did not have to be sorry after:

First of all you need to decide for what purpose the required column . This is a very important aspect, because for one type of music suitable speakers for computer games - the other, and to see the third film.
If the speaker needs to listen to music, the best place to buy an active type speakers (amplified sound) of the 2.0 (two columns). These columns will be possible to accurately reproduce the sounds of both the low, mid and high tones.

If the speakers are needed, preferably for games , then your choice is to stop on the 2.1 system (one subwoofer and two satellite speakers-) - subwoofer will be responsible for the sounds of low tones, and satellite speakers, respectively - the medium and high. The sum will experience the reality of a sound range of a game.

In the case of video display (as HD) you need speakers scheme 5.1 or 7.1 , which will consist of a single speaker subwoofer and 5-7 satellites. As a result, you'll get the most out of the movies and you have the feeling that you are in a movie theater (unless, of course, and the picture is even better.)

Also pay attention to the material from which made ??the column. If they are made ??from cheap plastic, the sound of them will be poor. The best option would be a column of wood (MDF, particle board), just make sure that their structure is tight .

If you do not particularly need a good sound - speakers will be used only for signals of different programs, you can stop and on the cheap version.

How many columns are for the computer? unlikely that this question can give a definite answer, because depending on the quality, size and characteristics of the speakers their price will vary, where in some cases substantially.

Thus, the plastic tweeter speakers will cost you up to $ 10 , while the high quality speakers such as 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 will cost $ 30-150. But their price is fair, and in return for the money spent on them, you get high-quality sound, that will please your ears!