Which processor is better AMD or Intel?

Which processor is better AMD or Intel

Which processor is better AMD or Intel?

When building a computer yourself, or when upgrading (upgrade), many of us may appear confused when choosing a processor. How to choose a processor with respect to their needs and goals of using the computer, we wrote earlier. Today we'll talk about which is better processor AMD or Intel ?

It should be noted that the production of processors, these two companies are leaders in the world. And, by the way, the competition among themselves constantly prompts them to look for new solutions, which is a good thing for us. After all, it is possible to compare, compare and evaluate the merits of each of the processors and producers finally make the right choice for AMD or Intel .

Until recently, the AMD Athlon enjoyed far more popular than their ogponenty. Then install some dual power. Processors Phenom (AMD) and Core 2 Duo (Intel) were about equal in their capabilities and functionality. AMD on this segment has established itself as a manufacturer of mainly budget processors, allowing the company has received a huge number of new customers.

But Intel response was not long in coming - came to light processors i5 and i3, which work on the architecture of Nehalem. AMD is not able to adequately respond, resulting in the lost popularity and lost its main competitor.

When choosing a processor first need to decide what it's for. That is, for any purpose computer will be used. If your budget is very limited and you want to get a reliable processor, you should opt for a processor from the Intel I7. If finances running out, then a good option in this situation will be a 4-core processor AMD Phenom.

Above, we set out the basic guidelines when choosing a processor. If you are with a good view of them think things through and analyze, evaluate all the "pros" and "cons" that are likely to be able to make the right choice of processor, then you and we wish!

The New Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fonblet With Screens 5.8 Inches

Samsung Galaxy Fonblet

When Samsung announced the creation of Galaxy Note (a gadget that combines the functions of a phone and tablet), the critics just laughed sarcastically. Huge smartphone with a stylus? Well, good luck. But when the device - and its successor Samsung Galaxy Note II - were sold only whole batches, the critics had to bite his tongue. So, despite the funny name of the new 5.8-inch smartphone «Fonblet» from Samsung, it is obvious that he will be a success.


Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 - is, in essence, a giant media player Galaxy Player 5,8, which is sold in Korea, but in conjunction with a cellular radio. Galaxy Fonblet will have the same resolution of 960 x 540 (with a density of 190 pixels per inch) and a similar model with Wi-Fi. The novelty will support two SIM-cards and work or Android 4.1.2 or 4.2.1 Jellybean.

If other functions are borrowed from Fonblet Galaxy Player 5.8, we can assume that there will be 3 Fonblet-megapixel rear camera, Bluetooth 4.0 and a battery of 2,500 mAh.

Galaxy Player 5.8


Presumably, Fonblet will be issued to residents of Europe, so most likely it will be a small release. There is also the possibility that Samsung will use the gadget to test consumer demand, and then release an improved model «Fonblet» on a larger scale.

Sincere desire to offer its users Samsung devices of all sizes from tiny to large smartphone tablet to some extent understandable. After potentially 5.8-inch smartphone is the perfect device for those customers who want to have all sorts of functions in a single mobile device.

Especially, it will be very interesting to see the next confrontation Fonblet c smartphone Google. At the time, as Apple opted out of the fight for the smartphone market with a major diagonal screens, Google is unlikely to leave such a tidbit IT-market of its competitor. Last smartphone for Google (4.7 inches diagonal) did the South Korean company LG. The device was called LG Nexus 4.

It is possible that we will get more information on the Galaxy Fonblet the exhibition Mobile World Congress, to be held in February this year.

Series Covers Retro Game Cases For Iphone 5

Retro Game Cases For Iphone 5

Company PureGear, producing accessories for mobile devices, has developed a series of covers of cool Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5, bringing together high-tech gadget with "low-tech" games in 1970-80's. Creative Covers Retro Game Cases entertain the user without the need to use the phone, so to help kill boredom even if the gadget's batteries. 

Retro Game Cases For Iphone

Collection covers games Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5 consists of three models: Groovy, aMAZEing and Undecided. Groovy has a concentric maze need to collect three balls in the center, and is made ??in bright shades of blue and green. aMAZEing a traditional labyrinth in which to hold the ball to the exit, and is made ??up of elements of turquoise and red. Undecided - an amazing mix of games and Pinball Magic 8 Ball, which helps to make a decision based on where the ball landed running and Encapsulated in attractive shades of orange and pink. The emergence of game covers Retro Game Cases for iPhone 5 on sale is expected in spring 2013.

Sony Xperia Z Officially Announced

Sony Xperia Z Officially Announced

Xperia Z's  bring sized 5-inch screen with 1080p display, and is produced using four-core processing chips Snapdragon S4. The new smartphone also features a 13-megapixel camera, 4G LTE support, and comes with 2GB of RAM memory on it.

Sony's latest smartphone also brings the ability to record video in HDR, as well as support Batery Stamina Mode to allow the battery it last longer than usual.

Xperia Z comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and will be updated to Android 4.2 soon.

How To Choose A Hard Drive?

How to choose a hard drive?

How To Choose A Hard Drive

When building a computer yourself one important step is to choose the hard drive . After it we will be stored not only movies, games, photos, and an operating system. Because the choice of the hard disk must be guided by a set of recommendations.

Rotation speed of the hard disk

The first thing you need to decide whether we will have one on the computer hard drive or more. If one - you need to choose a hard drive with faster speed , which will allow our operating system literally fly.

At the moment, considered as the fastest hard drives, spindle speed of 10,000 rpm . But it is worth noting that they are not cheap, and sometimes the price goes up to $ 500 . Of course, if you can afford a hard drive - you have to take, because they really are such a lot of money.

If the budget is relatively limited, it is quite suitable hard drive at a speed of 7200 rpm . Their price is acceptable.

If you buy an extra hard drive on your computer that will keep only the files without installing the operating system there, you can save a little, after purchasing a hard drive at a speed of 5600 revolutions per minute.

Buffer Size Hard Drive

According to this parameter drives are divided into those that are 8, 16 and 32 Mb of buffer. It is clear that the higher the score - the better.

Option of purchasing the hard disk buffer size 16 Mb - quite amiss.

Hard disk

Here you need to decide for what purpose it will be necessary in the main hard drive . If you plan to store a lot of information on it (movies, games, music), it is advisable to buy the hard drive of no less than 1 Tb. If, however, will be done mostly with text documents - the hard drive to 250 Gb - would be sufficient.

Manufacturer of the hard drive

Option but not the key, but it should not ignore it. After all, it saves you from buying a hard drive low quality that will last a short time.

Recommend buying a hard drive from WD , Hitachi , Samsung and Seagate - they are of high quality and reliable performance.

As we see, select the hard drive - a very difficult job, but to measure and compare all the features, you can make the right decision and buy a hard drive, which will only please you with its efficient work!